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This subject is very close to my heart; your physical temple is where GOD lives. If your temple is toxic, there is no way your spirit will be able to operate at its highest level. When I started to think about what I wanted to accomplish with this ministry, I knew I wanted to share love, health and knowledge to people who was on a path to spiritual understanding. GOD will forgive you for what you done, but your body may not. You are truly what you eat, think and what you feel.

Dear ones, you must make your health a priority. The medical system in America is really a joke; unfortunately our medical professionals get very little training in NUTRITION or PREVENTATIVE CARE. I am not saying they do not have good intentions. But what they have here in America is a sick industry, instead of a wellness industry. The PHARMACEUTICAL and INSURANCE companies control health care in America. I am here to let you know you can and you must take control of your health. I AM NOT TELLING ANYONE NOT TO FOLLOW THE ADVICE OF THEIR DOCTOR, but you must get involved with your own health care. As I expressed earlier in my testimony, I grew up on a farm and everything that I ate pretty much came from farm and it was all natural. I became a vegetarian at the age of 23 and I am pretty much a vegan now. Let me be totally honest with you, even though I was practicing a vegetarian diet, I did use drugs and drank alcohol, more than I should have. But what saved me from a life of illness is that I believed and understood the Yin and Yang concept. This is the belief that everything you do negative to yourself, you must do something equally as positive.

Beloved,you need to stop eating so much processed foods, fast foods, using excess amount of drugs and alcohol beverages. It is killing you and destroying your health and spiritual grow. IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE. Your thoughts and your emotions play a major role, along with what you are putting in your system. As a matter of fact, I should have started with that first. Louise Hay a well know known health consultant and Spiritualist stated, “Every emotional feeling we have, there is an effect on your body, in a positive or negative way.” This means you must learn to control your feeling of anger, fear, jealousy, or any other negative emotions, that may linger into your feelings world. The power of “Forgiveness “is beyond any words I can share with you. You must learn to let go and let GOD.

For all of you who are ready to take charge of your health, I have a few books I would like to suggest for you to read. The first one is "Your food is your best medical, the Author of this book is Dr. Bieler, M.D., this book will tell you what to eat, to keep your body healthy or to find a solution to health problems you may be experiencing now. The second book, “Cooking with Nature” by Dick Gregory. I don't know of anyone in this country who is more in tune with nature than Mr. Dick Gregory. This book will give you the honest truth about why you should stop eating animal flesh. The third book is entitled "Back to Eden" by Jethro Kloss: this book is a classic guide to herbal medicine; this is a perfect book for anyone who wants to take control of their health and to maintain homeostasis. I am putting together a wellness enterprise that can help improve your health and wealth. If you like to participate, please come join me. Just visit my website: www.zhicell.com/jbrowning. All of my contact information is on the site. If you do not remember anything else I have share with please, remember this!! HEALTH IS WEALTH. I will see you at the TOP!

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