The purpose for this ministry is to help raise the spiritual consciousness of all mankind.  We will teach the connection between mind, body and spirit. These teachings will be based on a variety of religions and philosophies of the world passed down through generations. We will study literature from enlightened and higher beings that are visiting and have visited the planet earth in the last thousands of years.

The HOLISTIC MINISTRY is a new age ministry.  We believe there is only one power and one presence active in our lives and affairs...GOD the good omnipotent. GOD is always sending us a wayshower to help raise us up and remind us of the spiritual beings that we truly are.  Planet Earth is a school where spiritual beings come to evolve and work their way back to the GOD head.  We are all connected to this spiritual power through the universal mind. GOD has given each of us the ability to control our destiny through the applying the universal laws of GOD.  Mankind has the ability to do great works and he has unlimited potential according to the teachings of Jesus Christ.  This is an invitation to people of all religions and spiritual inclinations.

This ministry will teach us how to use our thought power to connect with spiritual energy.  We will learn how our thoughts are keeping us bound or allowing us to be free.  We will teaching how our thoughts make us ill or keep us well, and how they keep us in poverty or make us prosperous. What you say, think or feel will help to control our lives here on planet Earth. Each of us has been programmed since birth by family, friends and society. We will teach you how to reprogram your subconscious mind by using the power of affirmations. This Ministry believes very strongly that meditation will help to set you free mentally and spiritually. The Holistic Ministry believes the body is a holy temple. By keeping it clean and healthy, you will be able to vibrate at a higher spiritual level.  WE DO NOT MAKE ANY MEDICAL CLAIMS OR TRY TO DIAGNOSE MEDICAL CONDITIONS IN THIS MINISTRY.     

We believe your body is meant to live on a plant base diet In Genesis 1:29 it states “AND GOD SAID, BEHOLD, I HAVE GIVEN YOU EVERY HERB BEARING SEED, WHICH IS UPON THE FACE OF ALL THE EARTH, AND EVERY TREE, IN THE FRUIT OF A TREE YIELDING SEED; TO YOU IT SHALL BE FOR MEAT.  Most of the illnesses that we are experiencing is caused by our diets, environment and thinking.  We will learn to eat to live instead of living to eat!! To GOD be the glory.
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